Could Breast Implants Actually Lead to Future Spine Surgery?

Breast augmentation procedures (more so those scaled toward the larger, heavier breast implants,) is very often considered a common scapegoat for spinal issues in females. However, the blame is much more likely to be misplaced. The misinformed assumption could lead women to false diagnoses and even medical procedures, like spine surgery.Breast Enlargement

A lot of women experience scoliosis and other spinal issues, and seemingly there isn’t a more apparent scapegoat to blame. It does not surprise that women tend to consider breast augmentation as the main culprit. It is the instinct that makes people assume that weights attached to the upper torso throws the whole body out of balance and puts more stress on the back and its supportive muscles. These bulky weights are felt through every day life, and apparently intuitive to believe breasts as the contributors to the pain.

Although in real world, it is quite rare that breast implants are the primary contributed to spine problems and back pain. The back, when at its normal and healthy state, is more than capable of supporting fairly large breasts throughout the lifetime. In fact, there are many other things that can cause spinal issues – some of them being:

    • The physiological changes of pregnancy
    • Wrong posture
    • Obesity can cause heavy stress to the body
    • Injury, an obvious cause
    • Osteoporosis and conditions similar can also weaken your spine
    • Non optimal bra size

In comparison to these pain causes, breast augmentation is much less likely to be a culprit. However, there is no denying that it could cause such a condition although the chance is slim. Large breasts can worsen the bad posture, and can add extra stress to the muscles attached. This makes the injured discs hard to heal.

There are some steps women can undertake to reduce or avoid back pain that may be contributed by the bulky breasts. The key is to keep the body as healthy as possible through daily exercises and fixed diet. This will definitely make sure for a stronger back which will easily be able to support the weights of the breasts. It will manage the weight and reduce extra stress on the back and its muscles, and will help in speed healing from any sort of injury.

Proper care should be taken to avoid unnecessary stress and strain that can result in potential conditions, and later, minimally-invasive spinal surgery. There have been cases where a women’s breasts are the top cause for her pain. This usually occurs when a relatively small woman have to carry around disproportionately huge breasts. In this case, the doctors would more likely recommend a surgery for reduction if breasts are the primary cause.

However, breast augmentation and breast implants, in a lot of cases, causes pain for temporary basis. But after the body adjusts to the new size, the pain fades away, but a reduction would be recommended if the pain continues to persist.

Understandably enough, women have considered breasts as the cause for unexplained back pain. Before jumping to this conclusion, a woman has weigh her treatment options rather than immediately turning to unnecessary treatments.