3 Ways to Market Your Bay Area Breast Augmentation Practice

Surgeons practicing breast augmentation in the Bay Area can gain a competitive local edge by leveraging new and creative marketing avenues. With the Internet being a dominant force, Bay Area plastic surgeons need have an optimized web presence to acquire new breast augmentation patients, in addition to other surgery procedures. Surgeon SEO

Having a website and social media presence are vital to be found in Google search. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a powerful means to connect with individuals who are actively searching for your surgery expertise in your local area.

Popular keyword phrases like San Francisco rhinoplasty, breast augmentation surgeons Bay Area, or plastic surgeons in Santa Rosa is potential lead for surgeons, especially if they specialize in certain niches like breast augmentation.

Below we go into greater detail into these essential strategies to market your breast augmentation practice.

Local SEO Strategies for Plastic Surgeons

Because local SEO for plastic surgeons is one of the most powerful ways to increase a practice’s marketing value, we’ll start here. SEO involves a number of variables, some more significant than others. There are on-site variables (i.e. how well optimized a website is) and off-site variables (i.e. how popular a website is on other site throughout the web [indicated by “links” and “mentions.”]

Plastic Surgeon SEO Strategy

The first on-site SEO stage is populating a website with unique and well-branded content. If a website can organized with cohesive, easy to navigate structure (like a book) and some degree of keyword-relevancy (for SEO) and depth (i.e. include a blog, FAQ’s, sitemap, and valuable content), a site can often rank higher.

The off-site SEO variable account for 60-70% of your site’s ranking potential. These are defined by links and mentions (from other blogs, directories, and websites). When your site/surgery practice gets mentioned (or cited via Name, Address, and Phone Number), and/or link to, its gets attributed with greater authority and credibility, helping it rank better in Google.

For example, acquiring listings like California page at www.CosmeticPlasticSurgeryStatistics.com you get a link and a citation which can impact your practice’s search engine exposure.

Be Social & Get Listed Social Media Surgeons SEO

Because even a specific niche like providing breast augmentation in the Bay Area is competitive among many plastic surgeons throughout the Bay Area. For this reason, you can further empower your web marketing potential by being proliferated on social media sites.

Not only can surgeons directly connect with prospective breast augmentation patients, but they can also advance their plastic surgeon SEO efforts as well. This is because social media profiles also include a mention and a link back to your website. Furthermore, if your blog posts, articles, and videos get more tweets, likes, +1’s, pins, and shares, these social signals will attribute greater value to the content. Think of this mechanism as “social authority” and it can greatly impact your SEO performance.

Being active on the following websites can really help your Plastic Surgeon internet marketing efforts:

Other good surgeon-specific sources for powerful, SEO-valuable mentions and links include:

Often times the membership certifications are worth it, not only for the exposure and resources, but for the value they bring for SEO. Also be sure to invest in local chamber of commerce sites and other popular web directories, like Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com, and Bing Local.

Resources from Bay Area Breast Augmentation

Here at the website of Bay Area Breast Augmentation, we provide resources of area plastic surgeons looking for content exposure, links, and mentions to the sites. Contact us to learn more.